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There is nothing more more important this time of season than giving back. Local Professional Athlete Tommy Specht is doing just that with the debut of his new brand logo. Help support local charities by getting your favorite merch from Tommy's Collection!

Tommy Specht is a 6th Round Draft pick from the 2022 MLB Draft. A Dubuque native and graduate of Wahlert Catholic High School, Tommy feels his position means nothing if he doesn't do his part to give back. Tommy is a firm believer in promoting the best Dubuque has to offer; which means selfless volunteerism, community, and dedication to leaving a place better than you found it. 

The logo represents many things Tommy hold dear to his heart. The Lion is often times represented as strength and courage. Throughout Tommy's life, these two attributes have been essential to his consistent growth and success. Constantly facing the unknowing and being able to mentally and physically overcome any obstacle in his way. 

The Crown on top is a reminder that Christ the King is always on top and first in Tommy's life, as we know, without Christ, nothing is possible. All we need to do is look up and remember.

Finally, the Cross tying in all 3 aspects. Indeed, THREE. The Lion, the Crown, and (you may have missed it) but Tommy's initials "TS". The base of the logo shows a brief look into what "TS" is made of, Courage, Strength, Christ above all things, and the Cross to represent the struggle, sacrifice, and suffering required to reach your goals. 

Order will stay open from December 7th - December 21st with items arriving to your door the week of January 8th.

Designed by the Divine, Forged by Faith.

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